Course Syllabus

Mr. Anderson  

Clearfield High School

Applied Secondary Math II

Welcome!  Welcome to another great school year.  My name is Mr. Anderson.  I am looking forward to being your teacher this year!


Class Purpose

  1. Work towards IEP goals and increase skills in the content area.
  2. Teach critical thinking skills that involve approaching a problem, determining a so
  3. Students will acquire math skills that will prepare them to meet their goals after high school.


Class Expectations

  1. Be in the classroom before the bell rings
  2. Only use electronics with teacher permission
  3. Follow directions promptly
  4. Be respectful – Respect others personal space, respectful language, and respect yourself.
  5. Complete online tasks in a timely manners
  6. Ask for help when needed.


Important Information

Required Materials: Student is required to come to class with a pencil and paper (I would recommend a spiral notebook).  At times we will use technology in the classroom.  Please speak with me if you do not have a device that connects to school WiFi.  Students will not be able to share calculators this year and will need to bring a personal calculator.  There are also many free online calculators students are able to use. 

Turning in Assignments/Homework: Assignments will mainly be broken into weekly discussions posts, canvas assignments, and quizzes.  Assignments will be made available at the start of the week and due at the end of the week.  It's encouraged that you do these assignments shortly after we practice the skills in class.  The due date is set to help you stay organized in my class, but there is no penalty for turning in an assignment late.  (See late work policy below)

Grading: Grades are based on the completion of assignments, participation, and exams. Grades will be assigned based on the grading scale below:

A   =  100 – 93%

B   =  86 – 83%

C   =  76 – 73%

D   =  66 – 63%

A-  =  92 – 90%

B-  =  82 – 80%

C-  =  72 – 70%

D-  =  62 – 60%

B+  =  89 – 87%

C+  =  79 – 77%

D+  =  69 – 67%

F    =  59 – 0%


Late Work:  I set due dates for every assignment to help you stay organized.  The due date will sort assignments in Canvas and help you see when work has become missing.  Even if an assignment shows 'missing',  the assignment may still be turned in for full points until one week before the term ends. The last week of the term 'missing' assignments will be made unavailable and students will need to contact me to discuss options.  I highly encourage you to stay caught up with your due dates. 

Exams: There will be multiple small quizzes throughout the term and one in-class test a term.  Students can talk to me about re-takes if they are unhappy with their score. 

Citizenship Policy:  Students need to be on time each day. We should look at school as their career for the next few years. If we do then it will open doors to other careers in the future. With that said we will follow rules as if it were a career. We are on time, we are working and we are interacting with peers in a positive manner.

Unsatisfactory grade (U) can result from any of the following or combination of the following:

  1. 4 or more tardies during the term
  2. 2 or more non-cleared absences
  3. 1 or more truancy
  4. Negative class behavior

I reserve the right to make changes or additions to these policies and will inform you in advance.


Thank you,

Tyler Anderson                                                               

(801) 402-8200  (Clearfield High School)




Davis School District is committed to providing educational and employment opportunities to students without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin or disability in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title XI of the Educational Amendment of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Age of Discrimination Act of 1975 and with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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Nosotros deseamos que todos los estudiantes tengan éxito en nuestra escuela. El apoyo del padre/s o tutor legal es muy importante; por lo tanto, tenemos un recurso para aquellos que se sienten más cómodos hablando en español que en inglés. Si usted no entiende este documento o tiene una pregunta acerca de algo, por favor llame a nuestra oficina al 801-402-8200 y pregunte por el Coordinador de Éxito Estudiantil.




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